Batman v Superman: More Than One Superman?


Will there be another Superman in Batman v Superman?

Well we know Batman is in Batman v Superman. And so is Superman. I mean,they are both in the title, it would be kind of weird if they weren’t. But is there only one Superman in the film? A Lego set of minifigs may indicate otherwise.

So this checklist you see in the featured pic was recently released, and it shows two very different Supermen. Simply put, one is happy and smiling and waving and the other is angry. There are different Batmans as well, but that’s easily explained; one is Batman in his regular Batsuit and the other is in his power armor that he uses to take on Superman. What does this mean for Batman v Superman?

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Well there’s a couple possibilities here. Firstly this Superman could totally be representative of the nightmare Batman is known to have where Superman rules the Earth with an iron fist and soldiers that look like Parademons (but apparently aren’t).

The other likely possibility is that this is a clone  of Superman, one that specifically turns into Bizarro, albeit a more warped and grotesque version, which is what we saw in the latest trailer and not Doomsday. Either could be a possibility. Of course it’s also possible that Lego just wants to sell and extra Superman minifig and it needed to vary at least a little. We won’t really know the answer for sure until we see Batman v Superman for ourselves in theaters this March.