Batman v Superman: Batman is Mostly Practical Effects


Batman v Superman: Batman is Mostly Practical Effects

Well, that’s good news for fans of, you know, movies.

Even though one of the most famous scenes in the first full trailer features an entirely CGI’d Dark Knight using his grappling gun to escape Superman’s heat vision, Zack Snyder claims most of the effects shots in BvS were shot practically.

"It has been really fun using Batman as the answer to Superman, because he’s not flying around and acting crazy. He’s just driving around in his Batmobile, doing his Batstuff. We were able to do a lot of this practically. Batman brings that back. Figuring out how to mix Batman’s practical approach with Superman has been an awesome experience…"

That’s nothing but good news for a film like this.

Today’s trend is to lean heavily on CGI, much to the detriment of the movie. There’s something real and tangible about using practical effects for characters that you don’t get with computer animation. It’s easy for a disconnect to develop with these characters where – while it’s hard to pin down – you know something’s just ‘off’.

The first Spider-man movie was a pretty good example of that. I had a hard time believing the connection between the man in a Spider suit and the animated Peter Parker doing acrobatics between buildings. They just didn’t seem to mesh.

Filmmakers who understand when to draw the line between when to use either usually make films that hold up over time, visually. Take Del Torro’s Pacific Rim, Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring or Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

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The uglier side of that coin ends up with train wrecks like Lucas’s Star Wars prequels, Michael Bay’s Transformers or the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films. They just don’t work, especially on the visual end.

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If Snyder can find that balance between styles of visual effects then it’s going to go a long way toward keeping an audience engaged in a film that will exist on an epic scope.

via: Comic Book Movie