Gotham: Bruce Wayne Will Find His Parents’ Killer


Bruce Wayne Will Find His Parents’ killer before season two is done

Gotham returns in just about five weeks, and TV Guide has a brief preview of what to expect upon the show’s return!

Gordon’s relationship with both Captain Barnes & Leslie Thompkins is incredibly strained upon Gotham’s return after he killed Theo Galavan in cold blood in last year’s mid-season finale. Doctor Hugo Strange will show up (played by Law & Order SVU vet B.D. Wong) and have a huge influence on Penguin, who is focused on regaining his title as King of Gotham, but will face plenty of challengers both old and new, But the biggest news is that executive producer Bruno Heller promises that Bruce Wayne will find his parents’ killer!

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But one has to wonder what the means exactly. Will Bruce Wayne just find M. Malone (presumably Matches Malone), or the people who are truly responsible for the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne? I mean Malone was just the guy sent to pull the trigger, not the one who ordered the hit. And then of course what does that mean for Gotham as a whole, and how will it affect his journey to become Gotham’s greatest hero?

We have all these various threads to look forward to, and even more villains such as Mr. Freeze, Clayface and The Mad Hatter, along with the possibility of some returning villains (I mean, Theo Galavan wasn’t brought to Indian Hill to just be a corpse, and it seems like Fish Mooney might even come back) leaves us with lots to ponder until Gotham returns on February 29th!