Is Themyscira In Batman v Superman?


Will the home of the Amazons make an appearance in Batman v Superman?

We know Wonder Woman is a big part of Batman v Superman, but will we get to see her in her native homeland of Themyscira, land of the Amazons in the movie?

There is no particular reason to believe that we would, after all Batman v Superman largely takes place in what the Amazons refer to as “man’s world”, most likely split between Gotham and Metropolis, really. But like in the recent past, some Batman v Superman merchandise may have given a clue/slight spoiler as to whether or not this mythical land is indeed in the film.

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Funko is releasing a set of Mysterious Minis based on Batman v Superman, you can check out the whole set of figures in the image below:

And it should be noted that there is both a Wonder Woman figure and a Princess Diana of Themyscira figure. This might indicate that indeed we will see Themyscira in at least some extent in Batman v Superman, but to what that extent is, who knows? It could be a major part of the film, just around for one scene, or it could never actually be seen and that is just literally Wonder Woman’s public persona and Themyscira is more involved with the world at large than ithas been historically in the comic books and TV shows. We will know for sure if Themyscira is in Batman v Superman and to what extent of course when the movie opens in theaters March 25th.