LEGO Batman v Superman Comic Explains Batman’s Gun


LEGO Batman v Superman Comic Explains Batman’s Gun

When images of Batman carrying a gun first came up in the second Batman v Superman trailer there was a fair amount of push back from fans.

And rightfully so. Even though Batman carried a gun in his early days, his character is adamantly opposed to using lethal firearms (a few poorly written exceptions excluded).

There have been efforts in the modern era by DC writers to retroactively explain his brief gun-toting days, it simply goes against what the Dark Knight believes in.  So why did Bats have what seemed to be a series of guns in the BvS footage?

Well, the image of him on a tower was a visual reference to The Dark Knight Returns and I’m sure will be explained. The ‘handgun’ he wielded was obviously his grappling gun. We’ve seen that in action. Now we have an explanation for the gun in the now famous ‘Doomsday Trailer’.

According to leaked images from the LEGO Batman v Superman Comic Adaptation, it’s all pretty clear.

During the fight between the comic titans Batman appears to use a Kryptonite gun to combat The Man of Steel.

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This all makes perfect sense since we already know that Lex delivers Kryptonite to Bruce to spur on the fight, which he then uses to power his mech suit. We’ve also surmised that ‘Doomsday’ is created from General Zod’s DNA, so it would be an effective weapon against the monster.

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This means that Batman’s moral code is (more or less) intact. It does beg the question, though, about his basic motives in the fight with Supes that fuels the concept. If he doesn’t kill, then what exactly did he think he was going to do with Clark? Beat him up and tell him not to do it again? Make Lex kill him? Seems pretty flimsy. I hope it makes as much sense as the explanation of the gun.

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