Is This Cyborg In Batman v Superman?


Does a new Cyborg toy let us know what he will look like in the Batman v Superman movie?

Action figures, the greatest spoilers of all time. I mean seriously, this latest tidbit may have spoiled one of the few remaining secrets of Batman v Superman, what this DC movie universe of Cyborg looks like.

We know that Victor Stone, aka Cyborg is in Batman v Superman. To what extent, we aren’t really sure, it might just be a cameo role, though as DC seems to have pretty big plans for Cyborg (he does have his own solo movie in the works), it could be more significant than that. A recent listing for a Mighty Mattel Mini figure of Cyborg may give us a rough idea of what he looks like in the film:

Now granted, this is basically a cheap toy meant for little children, so it’s likely lacking a lot of the detail you wold like see in the film. Still, it should give us a rough idea of what Cyborg will look like, and how much machine is there vs. man (seems like a lot).

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Admittedly the only version of Cyborg I’m really familiar with is the animated Teen Titans version that is best buds with Beast Boy, plays lots of video games, and yells BOOYA! A lot, so I have no idea what to expect from a more serious interpretation, though I’m sure he’ll struggle with the internal conflict of whether he’s lost his humanity because that’s a key trait in nearly all versions. Still, a BOOYA here and there would be awesome. Batman v Superman opens March 25th.