TNT Passes On Teen Titans Live Action Series


TNT has decided to pass on the live action Teen Titans show simply titled “Titans”

TNT is not getting into the superhero game for the time being as they have passed on the live action Teen Titans show that was in development for their network, “Titans”.

“Titans” was based on the DC comic book team Teen Titans, which was usually made up of young superheros and former sidekicks of superheroes. Often led by Robin. “Titans” in particular would have focused on Dick Grayson, transitioning from his role as Batman’s sidekick Robin into the hero Nightwing. Joining him on this team was reportedly Teen Titan mainstays Fire & Raven. No other heroes were specifically mentioned, but Beast Boy, Hawk & Dove and Barbara Gordon in some fashion were are rumored to be team members. As far the reason, TNT president Kevin Reilly simply said it wasn’t the direction the network wanted to go, which is obviously a very ambiguous statement.

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So does that mean we may never see “Titans”? Well, a few years ago new like this might have been the last you ever heard of a show like this, but in this day and age everyone is pretty starved for original content, so it could easily just be a matter of shopping the show around to various networks and services until someone bites, but it wold also have to be someone that cold stick to the budget of a big cable network like TNT in order to keep the original vision for the show intact. Something lie Netflix or Amazon cold probably do that, but odds are Netflix isn’t horribly interested in a DC series at the moment and Amazon just seems mostly content to make their own things they own all the rights to. Hopefully this isn’t the last we hear of a Teen Titans live action series…

h/t Deadline