TNT Passes On Titans Series After All


Sorry Titans fans. Looks like you might not be seeing DC’s younger superheroes on TV after all.

Despite the previous announcement that TNT was developing a live action Titans series and actually placing a pilot order, the network has had a change of heart. As reported by Deadline, TNT president Kevin Reilly told the Television Critics Association that the series was dead and commenting that “it wasn’t where we wanted to go.”

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By that I can only assume that Reilly feels the way forward for TNT is more Mr. Robot and less Supergirl. I say that because Deadline also says TNT “is now moving into darker territory with edgier fare.”

And while a superhero series can truly be as edgy as its creators make it, maybe the focus on teen/young adult superheroes didn’t fit with Reilly’s vision. It always did feel like the Titans would feel more at home with the audience on The CW, even though that network has said repeatedly it isn’t interested in any more superhero programming once Legends of Tomorrow launches later this month.

That doesn’t mean Titans can be completely written off, as it could always be shopped elsewhere, but this is definitely a big setback for Dick Grayson and company. Titans together? No time soon, unfortunately.