Stephen Amell Says He Hasn’t Talked To Marvel


Stephen Amell is one actor who is making the rounds of comic book properties. He’s best known as Oliver Queen, fighting crime as Green Arrow on Arrow. He’s headed to movie theaters this summer as Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. And if that’s not enough, some fans would like to see him in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie too.

Could it happen? Absolutely. Is it imminent? Afraid not.

Amell said as much on his Facebook page, where he felt the need to speak up about rumors he was leaving Arrow. The actor stated he had a contract that ran through 2019, so as long as the show lasted that long, he’d be on it. In the comment section, he also answered fan questions, one of which involved what he called the “absolutely preposterous” rumor that he would show up in the MCU soon.

"Here’s the deal: I’m an actor. I like acting roles. Because an actor tends to be defined by not being unemployed. So if a role came up… I would always listen. Does that include Marvel characters? Of course it does. Have there been any offers, auditions, or even general meetings…? No."

This seems like a good time to bust this video out again:

In all seriousness, this is the kind of honest, straightforward answer fans have come to expect from Amell. He’d listen to offers about a part in a Marvel movie — and perhaps even eagerly, since he obviously likes comic book material — but he hasn’t talked to the company at all to date.

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The quick counter would be that of course neither Marvel nor Amell would admit it if they were talking, but I’d suggest that if that were the case, he’d probably not say anything at all instead of making a statement like this. Luckily, we can still see Amell every week on Arrow, which returns “with a vengeance,” in his words, on January 20.

(via Cosmic Book News)