Batman v Superman Plushies Provide Cuddly Justice


Check out these Batman v Superman Plushies including Wonder Woman, Aquaman & the Batmobile!

The onslaught of Batman v Superman merchandise has begun, and along with the onslaught of t-shirts, action figures and other various merchandise, we also get plushies, which while not unusual merchandise for a comic book film, seems to go against the more serious tone of Batman v Superman. But then again, maybe these darker takes on some of favorite superheroes just need a hug!

The plushies consists of two different Batmen (one is his regular Batsuit, one in his power armor, and the one in the Batsuit looks more upset than serious frankly), Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and oddly enough the Batmobile. I don’t know if any kids want to cuddle the Batmobile, but maybe it’s just a safer alternative than hard plastic? I mean at least if a kid leaves that out a parent won’t inure themselves stepping on it.

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One thing you may also notice is that the same face is used for the Superman, Aquaman & Wonder Woman plushies. Granted, kids probably won’t care, but it’s weird because they just all look like they are related also noticeably absent from the group is Lex Luthor. Sure, he’s a bad guy but doesn’t that just mean he needs a hug more than anyone else? I also have to imagine though he hasn’t been spotted in the trailers the amount of merchandise and promotional material for Aquaman indicates he might actually have a decent chunk of screen time in Batman v Superman. You can check out all the plushies below and order them and lots of other Batman v Superman merchandise at Entertainment Earth. The plushies will ship in March, just in time for you to bring them to the Batman v Superman premiere!

h/t ComingSoon