Suicide Squad MezCo Mini Mez-Itz Are Disturbing


These tiny Suicide Squad figures are kind of creepy

MezCo has unveiled a set of Mez-itz figures based on the upcoming Suicide Squad film. And well, they are kind of creepy, especially Joker, he just looks like he’s going to come alive at night and kill you. But they might also hint at something else…

Here’s the officials description of the Suicide Squad Mini Mez-itz from MezCo:

"In the DC Universe, when a job is too dangerous for even a hero to handle there is just one group to call: the Suicide Squad.Based on Warner Bros upcoming action adventure film of the same name, the Suicide Squad is comprised of a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains:The JokerKiller CrocHarley QuinnKatanaDeadshotEach figure is in the 2inch scale. All feature 5 points of articulation.Each character has been carefully recreated by the Mezco design team to match their on-screen appearance in the new big-budget spectacular.All five characters are packaged in a collector friendly window box suitable for display."

Notice some absent Suicide Squad members? It might hint at something larger…

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Granted, this could just be the result of them being told what characters tested well, but given that missing from this set is Slipknot, El Diablo Captain Boomerang and possibly counting Enchantress & Rick Flag, those cold be who survives the Suicide Squad film. Why bother making figures of characters tha won’t be alive for the next movie? If you are interested in pre-ordering this set of terrifying tiny figures, you can do so by going to MezCo’s website, they are sold as a set at $33.00 with and extra $11.40 for shipping and handling and will ship between July and August, so just in time for the movie! As to if it indicates who will survive, well we will find out for sure when Suicide Squad opens August 5th