Arrow: Australian Promo Has Felicity Smoak Spoiler


(Note: This article discusses a promo for Arrow with a potentially big spoiler regarding Felicity Smoak, whose fate was the big cliffhanger for the first half of Season 4. Please don’t read on if you want to be surprised when the show returns.)

Leave it to the international promos for Arrow to get to the bottom of the mystery regarding Felicity Smoak.

When last we saw everyone’s favorite tech whiz and CEO, she had just finished accepting Oliver Queen’s public marriage proposal and was riding away with her beau in a limo. Said limo came under fire by men under the command of Damien Darhk, and the end of the episode made it clear that Felicity was caught in the crossfire while leaving viewers guessing whether she survived the attack.

While not many people actually expected her to die, given comments made by the Arrow team about her presence in later Season 4 episodes, the Australian promo video below provides a more definitive answer. Obivously, another spoiler warning is warranted here.

The good news is that Felicity is still alive. The bad news is that she’s been injured pretty badly, as evidenced by the following dialogue from her mom:

"The damage to her spinal cord is permanent. She’s never going to walk again."

Interestingly, we see a snippet of the funeral scene from this season’s premiere, with Oliver telling Barry Allen that he’s “going to kill him.” By him, it’s pretty safe to assume he means Darhk. But who the heck is in the grave if Felicity is still alive?

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In any case, the school of thought that Felicity is going to become Oracle should only grow if she’s injured as badly as it appears. Even that would be plenty of reason for Green Arrow to seek revenge, but we’re still hoping the show doesn’t become all doom and gloom as a result.

We won’t have long to find out exactly how much this promo reveals. Arrow returns with its first post-winter break episode, “Blood Debts,” on Wednesday, January 20.

(via Green Arrow TV)