Who’s Going To Die In Secret Wars #9?


Secret Wars #9, the final issue in Marvel’s long-running 2015 event (insert your joke here) is finally on the way to comic book shops and digital this coming Wednesday. Since we’ve been reading Marvel comics since October set months after the story’s conclusion, we already know that somehow, this issue will get us from a state where nothing exists other than Battleworld to a Marvel Universe that is mostly similar to the one we had before.

How that happens is one of the big unsolved mysteries. Here’s the other thing you be certain of concerning Secret Wars #9: not everyone is making it out alive.

Not only are deaths a part of nearly every comic book event from a major publisher these days, but the fact that we haven’t seen some characters in the All-New, All-Different Marvel series after Secret Wars suggests that some of them are going to die. And while I suspect that there will be plenty of deaths that are undone by whatever mechanism restarts the Marvel Universe, there’s a definite chance that some of them will also be “permanent” — put in quotes because we’re talking comic books, where characters rarely stay dead forever.

With that in mind, here are the characters who seem most likely to have Secret Wars #9 become their final appearance (for now, anyway) in descending order of their likelihood to perish.

Invisible Woman

Surely there’s a possibility that Sue will see the light and realize she’s been with the wrong man on Battleworld. I’m not saying that I think Jonathan Hickman would resort to something as cliche as “love conquers all,” but maybe there’s a way that the love between Sue and Reed Richards is stronger than whatever power holds Battleworld together.

Not only that, but the redemption/sacrifice combo would be a strong one. If someone has to die for the Marvel Universe to live, Invisible Woman is the number one candidate.

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Mr. Fantastic

Here’s a very close second. Between his importance to the overall story (going back to “Time Runs Out” and the entire Hickman New Avengers run, really), the fact that Marvel is putting the Fantastic Four on a break and his absence from any All-New, All-Different Marvel books, it’s not looking good for Reed.

His Ultimate counterpart, the Maker, does make it through, but he’s hardly the self-sacrificing type. Only one Reed is likely to go down before #9 is over, and it’s going to be the original.

Molecule Man

There still hasn’t been a complete explanation of Owen Reece’s role in the whole Battleworld situation. He’s obviously integral to holding the planet together, but exactly what deal he and Doom worked out is still a mystery.

He might also be the mechanism through which the Marvel Universe is reborn. Molecule Man might have to be the conduit that handles the power to restart reality (think Damage in Zero Hour), and while he’s especially hard to kill, even he might not survive that process. I’ve never liked Owen written as anything but a reluctant villain, so giving him a moment like that would be a nice send-off if he’s fated to die.

The Richards Kids (Franklin and Valeria)

Valeria has received plenty of screen time during Secret Wars, and while that’s less true for her brother, he does have the cool job of having Galactus as a pet, more or less. He’s got to deal with an enraged giant Groot, which could keep his hands full for a bit.

But let’s get back to Val. She’s suspected all along that something wasn’t right about Battleworld, and she was right. She’s close to getting her mom to open here eyes by the end of issue #8, and she’s met her real dad as well. I wouldn’t be shocked if the entire Richards family reunites, teams against Doom and goes down together.

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Bentley 23

Hey, I mean it could be one of the Future Foundation kids. It’s not likely, but if Marvel wanted to pull a Civil War (where the big death was big only because it involved a hero who could change size), I’m nominating this guy. I’m prepared to be wrong.