New Webcomic Bridges Gap Between JLU and Batman Beyond


A new webcomic is attempting to answer the question of what happened between Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond!

When Justice League Unlimited completed its final season in 2006 and closed the doors of the Timmverse, many questions were still left unanswered.  Fans had already seen Gotham’s future in Batman Beyond, which aired from 1999-2001, but what happened during the time between the events of JLU and the year 2039 (in which Batman Beyond is set)?  What does the future hold for many of the non-Batman universe characters?  Writer Ted Kendrick and artist James Strecker have some answers.

Kendrick and Strecker have begun publishing a webcomic titled “Legacies of the DCAU”, which bridges the gap.  Two issues are currently out (free!) on their website.  The first is an issue #0, called “Strange Visions”.  Narrated by Phantom Stranger, we are warned of an impending apocalypse.  Issue #1, “The Beginning of the End”, focuses in on the Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis of 2056, and their attempt at preventing said apocalypse.

Kendrick and Strecker’s series definitely has some real potential.  I’m hoping that issue #2 gets back to present time (right after JLU), because that’s what I’m really eager to see, but it was especially fun to see the older versions of Bruce and Terry in issue #1.  Both issues felt like they could fit seamlessly into the Timmverse canon, which is really the most important thing that Kendrick and Strecker had to ensure.

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Head on over to the website to read the first two issues.  There’s no release date for the next one, but I’m certainly looking forward to it with all the questions I have that I’d like to see answered.  What happened to Nightwing after The New Batman Adventures?  Does John Stewart stay with Vixen or get back together with Shayera?  Does Lex Luthor return after getting the anti-life equation?  Let me know in the comments what questions you hope to get answers to, and be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for all your Batman news!