Gotham: Ben McKenzie Won’t Have That Mustache For Awhile


Ben McKenzie addresses the topic of if and when he’ll be sporting one of James Gordon’s biggest trademarks on Gotham

Ben McKenzie has embodied a lot of of what makes James Gordon on Gotham, such as his devotion to justice, and the conflict between going by the book and going a little outside the system to get the right thing done. But one trademark characteristic of the future GCPD commissioner has been notably absent since the start of Gotham. Will we ever see it on the show?

That trademark in question is of course Jim Gordon’s mustache. Though not in every iteration, many fans consider it a key trait of the character, and want to see Ben McKenzie grow one on Gotham. At Wizard World New Orleans this past weekend, McKenzie addressed the hot issue:

"I’m working on it. I forgot to ask that question when I signed on for the part. I never asked if I had a mustache or not; I just sort of assumed that being a younger guy, that was not going to happen….And then, I got cast and we were about to shoot and all of a sudden the Internet lit up with ‘Is he going to have a mustache?’ And I had a moment of panic where I was like ‘That’s really not a good look on a guy my age.’"

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McKenzie said he hopes to “build” to the mustache several seasons from now. This is of course assuming the show runs that long. But I could also see a Gotham flash-foward scene where you seen McKenzie sporting a full stache and an older Bruce Wayne as Batman. Bottom line, if you want to see the mustache, keep watching Gotham, which returns on February 29th.