Gotham: Sean Pertwee Teases Indian Hill


Gotham’s Sean Pertwee gives a hint about just how terrifying Indian Hill really is

Just what is Indian Hill? What seemed to be  a rather incidental plot point in season one of Gotham has turned into one of season two’s most tantalizing mysteries. Gotham’s worst villains check in, usually after being near death or straight up dead, but as of yet none have checked out. What goes on down there?

Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred on Gotham, teases Indian Hill as quite the horror show:

"The second half of the season leans very heavily towards Indian Hill – which is like a Jacob’s Ladder nightmare underground experimental lab."

One wonders what horrors Indian Hill will unleash upon Gotham. We know that Firefly and Theo Galavan were taken there, along with at least the tease of Fish Mooney. Does that mean these villains will be back sometime soon, possibly with some kind of special abilities?

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Pertwee also mentioned that part of the fun of Gotham is how they mess with established cannon, since viewer just think they know where all the characters end up and how they get there.

"[Showrunners] Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon are deep, deep Batman fans and they work very closely with Geoff Johns – everything is given the OK by Geoff, who runs DC Comics. So they’re very respectful of what the parameters are and where we can go with some of these characters.But Geoff has trusted in us, and let us redefine elements of it – of these characters that we know and love. We all know where they end up, but the fun is seeing them get there."

I honestly think there very few things that would be considered sacred canon (especially when the comics retcon everything every few years anyways), and certainly one of the more fun elements is them surprising by turning otherwise one-note characters into major villains, killing off important characters, etc. Continue to see Gotham redefine Batman canon and find out more about Indian Hill when Gotham returns February 29th.

h/t Digital Spy