Is A Supergirl/Flash Crossover Announcement Imminent?


The idea of a Supergirl/Flash crossover has been theorized, debated and discussed a ton since the former show flew onto CBS last fall. While most fans seemed to enjoy the idea of tying the series together to give the DC heroes some more unity on TV, they also were resigned to the fact that logistics and network red tape would likely make it impossible.

Yet Greg Berlanti, one of the producers of both shows, recently gave a potential crossover a heartbeat by saying it could still happen, though the details would have to be worked out quickly. Now the president of CBS has chimed in too, and all of a sudden you don’t need Kara Zor-El’s super hearing to pick up that heartbeat.

Reporting from the TCA 2016 press tour, The Wrap got a very intriguing quote from CBS head honcho Glenn Geller when it came to Supergirl and The Flash:

"I have to be really careful what I say here. Watch and wait and see what happens."

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Our take? The crossover is being discussed and could be coming together. But Geller doesn’t want to jump the gun and admit to it in case it proves unworkable, the better to avoid getting fans excited before ultimately letting them down.

Linking the two shows could prove beneficial for both of them. Supergirl reversed its trend of declining viewership with nearly each new episode with its most recent outing, “Blood Bonds,” which was seen by more people than all but the series’ first two episodes. Thought the audience for The Flash is a lot smaller since it’s on The CW, it has a loyal following that would certainly in for a crossover while almost certainly attracting some Supergirl fans in return.

It remains to be seen if Arrow would work into this plan as well, though limiting this scheme to just one of The CW shows would help lower some of the logistical hurdles. Thanks to Berlanti, we can be sure that if something comes of all this, we’ll hear about it soon.

“Stay tuned” is a sentiment that applies here if it ever did.