Black Suit Spider-Man Swings Into Marvel Puzzle Quest As Latest 5-Star Hero


It’s time to crank up some AC/DC, because Peter Parker is indeed “Back in Black.” Not in the comics, mind you, but in Marvel Puzzle Quest, where Black Suit Spider-Man is poised to become the game’s latest 5-star hero this week.

No worries, though. It’s not the alien symbiote that eventually revealed itself to be a living being and left to bond with Eddie Brock to become Venom. As Demiurge game designer Miles Benjamin told today, it’s the suit that Peter wore in the “Back in Black” arc from the comics, and thus totally safe.

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What won’t be safe is your enemies in Marvel Puzzle Quest if you’re able to add Black Suit Spider-Man to your team. Doing so will require players to take advantage of Legendary tokens or a brand new Legendary comic pack that will only include the 5-star characters, which currently include Silver Surfer, Old Man Logan and Phoenix Jean Grey.

In other words, it’ll take some time and effort to acquire Black Suit Spider-Man, but it might be worth it, once you see his Shadowy Acrobatics, Automotive Artillery (which sees Spidey pick up a car and throw it at foes!) and Taek-wb-do powers. They’ve been designed to work together using stunning and Invisibility mechanics and sound like they will be a blast.

As for who works well with the latest Spidey to hit the scene, here’s what Benjamin told

"Spider-Man (Back In Black) works great with any character that stuns the enemy like Miles Morales, Iceman, Jean Grey, Thor (Goddess of Thunder), the Thing, or Mr. Fantastic. He also pairs well with any character that makes Green tiles or Green AP like, Red Hulk, Professor X, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), or Black Widow (Grey Suit).Black Suit Spider-Man also goes great with his fellow 5-Star, Wolverine (Old Man Logan) because the two perfectly cover every color of tile and ability with no overlaps."

Red and blue is classic, but black sure sounds like it’ll be the coolest color for Spider-Man so far. Shoot a webline over in the direction of the iOS App Store, Google Play or Steam to snag Marvel Puzzle Quest for free right now, as Black Suit Spider-Man arrives on January 14.