Report: Amber Heard Could Join Aquaman Movie As Mera


Many DC Comics fans would say that you can’t have an Aquaman movie without including his better half, Mera, and it looks like Warner Bros. agrees.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the exclusive news today that Amber Heard, most recently in theaters in Magic Mike XXL, was in negotiations to join Aquaman as Mera. If the 29-year old signs, it would be for multiple films, with her first appearance coming next year in Justice League: Part One.

Though not as well-known to the general public as DC superhero love interests like Lois Lane or Steve Trevor, Mera differs from them in one very important way: she’s a superhero in her own right, one with enhanced strength, durability and the power to form hard water structures. In short, she’s an equal to Aquaman and someone who very much understands his world, a dynamic not present with any of the other traditional Justice League members.

While Mera’s inclusion and potential casting will no doubt be welcomed with open arms by DC fans, many other aspects of the Aquaman movie remain to be solidified. The THR report suggests that two potential scripts are being considered for use by director James Wan, though there’s some time to sort everything out since the film isn’t due in theaters until 2018.

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Meanwhile, assuming a deal with Heard is finalized, we could see her as Mera on November 17, 2017, the current release date for Justice League: Part One.