Could The Legion Of Super-Heroes Show Up On Legends Of Tomorrow?


The CW is about to launch a spin-off from The Flash and Arrow that features a team of heroes and villains traveling through time. DC Comics has a fan favorite group of superheroes that just happens to reside in the 30th or 31st century, depending on what incarnation we’re talking about. So how about it: could the Legion of Super-Heroes show up on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

Probably not this season, but that doesn’t mean they might not be referenced in some way. TVLine got a word with Geoff Johns during the recent TCA press tour, and the DC Entertainment COO dropped a tantalizing tease about the heroes of the future.

While he didn’t name Legends of Tomorrow specifically, he did offer this cryptic bit of information.

"You’ll see a hint of the Legion on one of our shows. Keep watching."

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Legends would be the most obvious choice as it has time travel built into its core concept. Rip Hunter would certainly know of the Legion if the group exists in the Arrow-verse. However Supergirl also has a lengthy history with the LoSH in the comics, as does her cousin — whose younger self actually starred alongside the group in a series titles Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes at one point — which is why TVLine thinks maybe the hint could be there instead.

The Flash also can’t be ruled out, seeing as visitors from the future have already made their way back to present day Central City, and the show has openly explored alternate timelines and parallel worlds, something Legion fans know all too well. Would you like to see the world’s largest superhero team show up on DC TV? And if so, where? Drop us a comment or holler at us on Twitter and sound off.