New Marvel Teaser Says Best Beware My Sting


Sweet, it appears that it’s teaser season at Marvel again!

Following up on this week’s earlier teaser announcing that someone was “Dead No More,” we got another one today. It’s equally mysterious, and probably doesn’t refer to Wolverine like we thought the first one did.

Take a look:

So who stings? And does the color scheme offer us a clue as to who this might refer to?

If it does, allow me to offer the Wasp as my guess. Janet van Dyne has worn more different colored uniforms into battle than any other superhero I can think of, but black and yellow is always a scheme I’d associate with her — and I’d bet many other Marvel readers do too.

Jan’s not dead, at least last time I checked, but she’s also not involved with any of the numerous Avengers titles either. Maybe these teasers are promoting new series and she’s getting her own book. Considering the push that Marvel put behind Ant-Man before his movie and the fact that there’s an Ant-Man and the Wasp film in the works (with a different Wasp, but still), it’s something to think about.

You’ll know more when we do.