Funko Announces Legion Of Collectors Subscription Box


DC is getting it’s very own subscription box-based service via Funko called Legion Of Collectors

Always wanted to susbcribe to one of those deals where you get a box of cool geek stuff every month, but wanted it all to be DC-related stuff? Then Funko’s recently announced Legion of Collectors is just for you!

Legion of Collectors is a subscription service that features feature exclusive collectibles, apparel, and accessories based on characters and concepts from the DC Universe. The price for the subscription is $25 a month, but you get at least $50 worth of merchandise in every box. Sounds great for any DC fans out there. The very first box will launch in March, and since of course that is the same month as Batman v Superman, it will be themed around it. And as long as you sign up by March 1st, you will get an exclusive Armored Batman Pop Vinyl figure.

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I think this is a great and long overdue idea for a subscription box. I mean, Marvel has had theirs going for awhile, so it’s about time DC had their own themed box subscription deal. Obviously whether or not it will be worth it is yet to be seen, but if you are a big enough DC fan, odds are most months you’ll be pretty pleased with what you get. My only complaint is really the name, as someone who isn’t familiar with the product and wants a DC-themed subscription box for themselves or as a gift for someone else probably won’t know to look for “Legion of Collectors”.