Batman: Bad Blood-Meet Batwing!


Meet Batwing in this new clip from Batman: Bad Blood

Batman: Bad Blood is out in just a couple of weeks, and in it we will see some superheroes leaping from the comic book page for the very first time. One of those heroes is Batwing, aka Luke Fox (yes, son of Lucius Fox in case you were wondering).

In this clip from Batman: Bad Blood, we don’t actually see Luke Fox suit up as Batwing though. He’s having a chat with his Dad Lucius about Batman disappearance. Now, Luke isn’t supposed to know that Lucius or Wayne Enterprises has any connection to Batman, so Lucius is playing dumb, but they get interrupted before Luke can really press him for answers:

Of course Batwing isn’t the only character in Batman: Bad Blood making their cinematic debut. Batwoman will also be in the movie. It’s nice to of course see these newer, more diverse heroes recognized in some larger fashion on DC’s part, but one wonder if these heroes will ever show up on the big screen? Probably depends on just how many solo Batman films they end up making…

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Batman: Bad Blood releases digitally on January 19th and will release on DVD & Blu-Ray February 2nd. Hopefully it will reverse the trend DC animated films have had of late of being fairly disappointing (though to be fair, that’s partially because they set the bar incredibly high for years). We’ll be sure to give you, the Caped Crusades audience a review as soon as possible, most likely the week of the physical release.