Batman v Superman Cosbabies Make Justice Adorable


Batman v Superman Cosbabies Are Here To Adorably Fight Crime!

In case you were worried all the Batman v Superman merchandise out there is a little too grim and super serious for your taste, Hot Toys is here for you with Cosbaby figures based on the film!

As you can see in the featured image, both Batman and Superman are available, and here’s the official description from Hot Toys website:

"Hot Toys is very happy to officially introduce the Armored Batman and Superman Cosbaby Collectible Set! Armored Batman stands approximately 9.5cm tall while Superman stands approximately 12.5cm tall and they each have a rotatable head! This collectible set will also exclusively include a miniature Bat-Signal!These adorable Cosbaby will be great additions to your desk or shelves for any collectible fans!"

The Batman v Superman Cosbaby figures will ship sometime between Q1 & Q2 of this year. No pricing as of yet, but it will most likely be in-line with similar Cosbaby figures, which usually run about $16.

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These are definitely some cute figures. I just wish there were more available. I get you might want to avoid spoilers, but there’s no reason you couldn’t have a Lex Luthor or especially a Wonder Woman figure in this line. Also, maybe Superman’s red eyes are supposed to represent his heat vision, but he just looks kind of evil here (adorably evil, but still evil). Again, these Cosbaby Batman v Superman figures are due out sometime between now and June, but aren’t available for pre-order yet or have any pricing announced. We will certainly report that information when it becomes available. And in the meantime, Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

h/t Comingsoon