Batman v Superman Soundtrack Releasing March 18th


The official Soundtrack for Batman v Superman comes out just a week before the film

Film soundtracks aren’t quite as numerous as they used to be, but apparently DC is going full press on all media fronts with Batman v Superman, as WaterTower Music has announced that the official Batman v Superman soundtrack, featuring contributions from both Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL will release on March 18th, just 7 days before the movie comes out on March 25th.

My guess is they are releasing it that close to capitalize on the release, yet minimize spoilers people might gather from either listening to the soundtrack or even just the track listing. I’m admittedly terrible at deciphering this stuff, so I don’t really see any spoilers, but here’s the track listing if you want to take a look:

"Beautiful LieTheir War HereThe Red Capes Are ComingDay Of The DeadMust There Be A Superman?New RulesDo You Bleed?Problems Up HereBlack and BlueTuesdayIs She With You?This Is My WorldMen Are Still Good (The Batman Suite)Blood Of My Blood (Bonus Track)Vigilante (Bonus Track)May I Help You, Mr. Wayne? (Bonus Track)They Were Hunters (Bonus Track)Fight Night (Bonus Track)"

Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder sent out a press release about the joint efforts of Zimmer & Junkie XL on Batman v Superman:

"Hans and Tom (Junkie XL) created an incredibly compelling and interesting new musical world for Batman, while continuing to expand on the amazing world and themes Hans had previously created for Superman. By aligning their vision with my perspective and seeing the characters anew through the lens of the film they were able to support the visual aspects of movie in a way that elevates the film to another level. In so many ways, they become the final texture, the final note in the process of creating the world."

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The Batman v Superman soundtrack has a deluxe version you can see in the featured image, which also has a new character poster for Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. Again, I don’t see any spoilers here, but if you do, maybe you can point them out in the comments if you feel like it. Otherwise, just wait like the rest of us for when Batman v Superman comes into theaters March 25th.

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