Kevin Smith & Geoff Johns Tease Justice League Special


DC Fanboy Kevin Smith & DC’s Entertainment’s Geoff Johns really want you to watch Dawn Of The Justice League This  Tuesday On The CW!

This coming week, but especially this Tuesday, will be a huge week for DC and comic book fans alike. The Flash and Arrow  return! Legends of Tomorrow debuts on Thursday! But even bigger than all of that, we get a big peek inside the DC universe when the CW airs the special titled Dawn Of The Justice League, hosted by director, podcaster and mega comic nerd Kevin Smith (he’s even written a few comics as well), which will give us looks at not just Batman v Superman, but Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman as well!

But why should I be the only one hyping this awesome-looking special? Here’s Kevin Smith and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, to tell you what to expect from the Dawn Of The Justice League special airing this Tuesday on The CW!

Are you excited yet? If nothing else, some actual footage from Wonder Woman should pique your interest, as that will be the first female-led superhero movie of the modern era, where DC is really beating Marvel to the punch (let’s hope it doesn’t suck).

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So Tuesday, January 19th on The CW. First, The Flash returns from it’s winter break, then a half-hour special called Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now, obviously promoting CW’s newest Arrow/Flash spin-off. And then the half-hour Dawn of The Justice League Special airs (sorry iZombie fans, no new episode this week). I look forward to it hopefully making me much more optimistic than I currently am about the DC movie universe…