Kotobukiya Reveals Batman v. Superman ARTFX+ Statues


Kotobukiya has revealed two new ARTFX+ statues based on the upcoming Batman v Superman film

Two of DC’s greatest heroes locked in an epic battle! Do you want cool statues based on the upcoming cinematic showdown between the Man of Of Steel and The Caped Crusader that look even better together? Than look no further than Kotobukiya’s recently announced ARTFX+ statues based on Batman v Superman!

These are two separate statues, one of Batman and one of Superman, that combine to form one epic fight pose based on Batman v Superman. Both figures are 1/10th scale and feature a georama base. They retail for $69.99 each and will ship sometime in June, but you can pre-order them now by going right to Kotobukiya’s website.

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So, the Batman v Superman statues look really cool together. The Superman statue looks pretty decent on it’s own. But honestly, the Batman statue by itself looks kind of dopey and awkward. I get the idea that you are most definitely supposed to buy them as a set, and hey $140 for two really detailed statues is not bad. But if somebody just got me the Superman statue, I could see not getting the Batman statue, because it works as a stand-alone. The Batman statue, in my opinion, absolutely does not. So if somebody got me that, I’d feel pretty compelled to buy the Superman one and combine them.

Once again, these statues will ship in June, and while you can pre-order now, you certainly have time to wait and see if Batman v Superman is any good when it opens in March before ordering them.

h/t Comicbook.com