Latest Batman: Bad Blood Clip Features Batwoman


Batwoman confirms Batman’s death in the latest clip from the upcoming Batman: Bad Blood movie!

There are only three days left before the digital release of Batman: Bad Blood, the new installment in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series.  Yesterday, we were treated to a new clip of a conversation between Lucius and Luke Fox, and now we’ve got another clip to enjoy while counting down the days.  This one, titled “The Night Batman Died”, features Batwoman checking in with Dick Grayson (as Batman) and Robin to confirm Batman’s death.

Batwoman claims that she was with Batman the night that he died in an explosion.  Up until the release of this clip, we knew that Batman would be missing in this movie, but we didn’t know the circumstances that led to his disappearance.  Despite the grim topic of conversation, I have to admit the banter between the Bat-family was pretty funny.  When Robin says that he doesn’t trust Batwoman, Dick reminds him that he did trust Talon.  While I’m still on the fence about the majority of the new films in this line sharing a universe, they’re going about it in the right way, making “true” sequels.  Batwoman also has a pretty memorable joke in this clip, telling Robin that she’ll “drop a note in [his] lunchbox” if she finds out who Tusk and Firefly were working for.  Check out the minute-long clip from Warner Bros. Online’s YouTube channel:

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I’m honestly surprised that so many clips have been released, but I’m not complaining, because they’re giving us just enough without spoiling anything.  This movie’s release is going to be a historical landmark in Batman history, as it features the debuts of Batwing and Batwoman, something the clips have done a good job getting me excited about.  Let me know in the comments what you thought of the “The Night Batman Died” clip, and be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for continuing coverage of the upcoming film and for all your Batman news!