Report: The Punisher To Get His Own Marvel Series On Netflix


There’s long been a train of thought that The Punisher would be a good candidate for his own Marvel Netflix series, and that theory only intensified after it was announced that Frank Castle would be a major player in Daredevil Season 2. Now a new report suggests it’s on the verge of happening thanks to Jon Bernthal’s work with the character.

TVLine broke the exclusive tidbit today saying that Marvel and Netflix are “thisclose” to greenlighting a Punisher series for the streaming service. Since Castle’s are a little different than those of his fellow Hell’s Kitchen crimefighters — his tendency to be judge, jury and executioner for criminals is poised to be the major philosophical debate during the new season of Daredevil — he likely wouldn’t figure into the current plans for the Defenders, meaning we might not see his series for another two years or so.

The TVLine report also touted Bernthal’s performance as the primary motivating factor for Marvel to move forward with further plans for his character. The Punisher has made it to the big screen twice this century, first in 2004 with Thomas Jane in the lead in The Punisher and later with Ray Stevenson taking over in 2008’s Punisher: War Zone, but his appearance in Daredevil will mark his live-action TV debut.

And despite Castle’s up and down popularity in comics, the Punisher concept is clearly a marketable one that Marvel has been able to revive over and over throughout the past few decades. There’s little question that he can carry his own show, and the mature, violent nature of his war on crime is a perfect fit for the tone set by the Marvel Netflix content we’ve already seen.

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We’ll get to see Bernthal in action soon enough, as Daredevil Season 2 comes to Netflix on Friday, March 18.

(via Netflix Life)