DC Collectibles Announces Deluxe Batman Animated Series Batmobile Set


A new deluxe Batmobile set based on Batman: The Animated Series is on its way

A pretty neat Batmobile based on the seminal Batman: The Animated series was released last fall. Now DC Collectibles is releasing a deluxe Batmobile set later this year.

So what is different about this Batmobile? Well as far as the Batmobile itself. not much has changed from the original release. It’s still the same model, just with a shiny metallic finish. So what on earth makes this deluxe? It’s really the extras that come with the set.

Firstly, there’s the Bat-Signal. It’s pretty impressively detailed for such a set and it lights up. Granted, you can get a Bat-signal that would serve this purpose for about $10, but it wouldn’t match the set as well as this one.

And then there’s the included figures. Both this deluxe Batmobile and the one originally released last year theoretically had room for you to actually put figures in the seats, but finding the right Batman & Robin figures that fit just right could be difficult. The Batman & Robin figures included with this set are made to fit in the Batmobile, with easily poseable cloth capes that get in the way.

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The Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile Deluxe set will run you $175 and will be available sometime in august. Now granted, if you already own the Batmobile released last year, this doesn’t seem worth the upgrade just so you can have a Bat-Signal and figures that fit perfectly. But if you haven’t bought it yet and were thinking about getting it, this set seems worth waiting for and spending the extra cash on.

h/t Nerdist