Mister Bloom Is The Opposite Of Joker


Scott Snyder Says No One Can Be The Joker While Anyone Can Be Mister Bloom

Mister Bloom is the newest Batman-villain, but he’s just as much of a threat and as terrifying as any of Batman’s greatest villains. Even the Joker. Scott Snyder recently compared the two in an interview with Comic Book Resources:

"The truth of it is, Bloom is Jim Gordon’s monster. That’s very clear by the end of the arc. Joker is the villain that could never have an origin because nobody’s life could be horrible enough or be evil enough to warrant what Joker becomes.Bloom is the opposite. Bloom is anybody who feels they don’t get a fair shake. He’s anybody who feels the weight of class divisions or racism or homophobia, all of those things, and feels those things are too entrenched and too hard to overcome so you better go after what you need in life. “Go arm yourself. Get your superpowers and take what you need.” He’s the anti-thesis of the Joker. Anybody could be Bloom. Anyone’s life could warrant Bloom’s creation."

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You can read the full interview at CBR, where Snyder also talks about whether the Joker is jealous of Mister Bloom, talks about the relationship between Batman & The Joker and more. While it’s fun to see the usual favorites as far as classic Batman villains go, it’s really nice to see someone new like Mister Bloom break out and be more than just a footnote. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we see Mister Bloom go beyond merely existing in the comic book DC universe and onto something bigger like at least the villain of an animated movie.