Now You Can Have Your Own Set Of Rainbow Batman Figures!


DC is releasing a whole set of Batman figures based on of their most infamous covers

As super tough and serious as Batman is now, he has a pretty silly and embarrassing past like most comic book heroes that have been around for decades. DC could choose to sweep this under the rug, but occasionally they do acknowledge and embrace it, and that’s usually a very fun thing.

One of the most infamous and hilarious bits from Batman’s past is the “Rainbow Batman” cover of Detective Comics #241, where Batman is wearing a different colored suit every night. You can see the cover below:

Why did Batman do this? Why to cover for Robin of course! You see, Dick Grayson injured his arm. So rather than giving his partner in crime a break while his arm healed, Batman wore different colored suits every night to distract people so they wouldn’t notice that Dick Grayson and Robin both injured the same arm and then be able to guess that Robin is really Dick Grayson. MAKES TOTAL SENSE.

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Anyways, these Rainbow Batmen were one of several options presented to fans to vote on when DC showed prototypes of statues, action figures, and busts that were never produced. The Rainbow Batmen won the vote. And DC has released info on when this set of Rainbow Batman action figures will be available. The set will be available in August for $70. Not a bad price for the entire set. I do wish you could buy them individually, as I could actually do without the light and darker blue ones that look like normal Batman outfits, but otherwise, this seems like a pretty good buy.