Suicide Squad Character Posters Released


Director David Ayer & The Cast Of Suicide Squad have released several posters ahead of Tuesday’s DC special on The CW

Suicide Squad is getting a new trailer this Tuesday during the airing of the half-hour special DC Presents Dawn Of The Justice League, and director David Ayer and the cast have released a bunch of cool Suicide Squad posters to help promote the special!

First, David Ayer released the featured image on Twitter, also promoting the DC special airing this Tuesday. Then, many of the Suicide Squad cast followed suit, putting out posters for their individual characters on social media.

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If you are looking for these posters to give anything away about Suicide Squad such as who might actually survive the movie, I wouldn’t count on it. Most of the cast is represented in at least the group poster.  Really the only character I see not represented would be Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller, and while that might be indicative of her not surviving the movie, I’d be willing to bet she has a bigger role to play in the overall  DC universe. Certainly bigger than characters like El Diablo and Slipknot at any rate.

The CW special DC Presents Dawn Of The Justice League will feature looks at the upcoming DC movie universe including Batman v Superman, a first look at Wonder Woman footage and the new (and really the first official) Suicide Squad trailer and airs this Tuesday after the mid-season premiere of The Flash and a half-hour special promoting the new CW DC superhero Legends of Tomorrow. It’ll be a great week for DC fans. Be sure to check out the CW Tuesday night and take a look at the Suicide Squad character posters below.

Update: We have more posters courtesy of Heroic Hollywood:

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