Arrow Season 4, Episode 10 Synopsis: Blood Debts


What is the fate of Felicity Smoak? That’s the huge question that Arrow fans have had to mull over since the series left us with a vicious attack on the limo carrying a newly engaged Felicity and Oliver Queen in December. Though one popular rumor has been debunked, there’s still plenty of reason to worry about whether our favorite computer whiz will come out alive and in one piece when “Blood Debts” ushers in the back half of Season 4.

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Naturally, it seems the overall theme of this one will be Oliver seeking some payback from the man who ordered the attack. We’ve already seen in the flash-forward from the Season 4 premiere that someone will end up dead and cause Oliver to vow to kill someone (presumably Damien Darhk, but we don’t know for sure) in return. This feels a little early for that scene to play out, meaning things could worse for Green Arrow before they get better.

To give us some insight into whether that process will begin tonight, here’s the official synopsis of “Blood Debts” courtesy of The CW, which sites like CarterMatt have pointed out is shorter than usual for this series:

"Oliver (Stephen Amell) must deal with the devastating consequences of Darhk’s (guest star Neal McDonough) last attack. Seeking revenge, Oliver goes on a brutal manhunt looking for Dahrk."

Aside from how devastating it would be for Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow to lose Felicity personally, being without her technical skills could also prove to be a huge loss considering the group has barely fought HIVE to a standstill even with them. It’s possible we could see Curtis Holt step up in her stead, possibly even using the attack on Felicity as motivation to play a more active role.

It’s also worth noting that even the flashbacks left us on a cliffhanger, with Oliver successful in his quest to gain a better map of the island but discovered by the ever annoying Conklin when he returned. He’s managed to escape plenty of hairy situations on Lian Yu to date, but this might be one of his most dire predicaments.

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Combine it all and we’ve got plenty to look forward to from the first new episode of 2016, and that’s always a good thing. Be sure to tune in January 21 at 8 pm on The CW for “Blood Debts,” then rejoin us here for our full recap and review approximately 20 to 30 minutes after the show.