Some Lucky Fans Have Already Seen Deadpool


I’d argue that Fox’s promotional campaign for Deadpool has already been pretty masterful, and the studio’s latest move just makes that feeling even stronger. Fans who attended what they thought were sneak peeks at new footage during fan events in New York and Los Angeles last night got the best possible surprise when they were instead treated to the entire movie, along with visits from various special people in Deadpool’s life.

More from Movies reports that Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, was on hand in New York to set off what we can only assume was a giant wave of fanboy/fangirl excitement once attendees learned they were seeing the whole film — albeit in an unfinished form, according to the PR team responsible for organizing the events. And in L.A., director Tim Miller, the film’s writers, multiple cast members, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld and even Stan Lee all dropped by to participate.

Undoubtedly, fan opinion is going to be influenced just a tad by a gesture like this. Yet it’s still a positive sign that Comic Book Resources was able to find a number of fans taking to Twitter after the surprise screenings to express their excitement over the movie itself. Despite the character’s enduring popularity in comics, Fox is still taking a bit of a risk when it comes to releasing his R-rated adventures on the big screen, but the publicity it’s been able to generate has been impressive indeed.

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The downside, if there is one, is that it will be even harder to dodge spoilers ahead of the movie’s wide release given that so many more people are wandering around now that have seen it. At least it won’t be a long evasion effort, considering that Deadpool will be available for the rest of us to see on February 12, which is coming up fast.