Dick Grayson Isn’t Fooling Damien In New Batman: Bad Blood Clip


Dick Grayson is filling in as Batman in this Batman: Bad Blood clip, but Robin isn’t fooled or impressed

The release of the latest DC animated film, Batman: Bad Blood is just around the corner, and we’ve got a new clip for you.

In this clip from Batman: Bad Blood “Batman” is trying to subdue some criminals, and gets some unwanted assistance from the newest Robin, Damien Wayne. Damien isn’t fooled for a second that this is anyone but Dick Grayson though:

In case you have forgotten, the plot of Batman: Bad Blood is essentially that Batman has gone missing and all of the extended Bat family is teaming together to help find him, including Batwing and Batwoman, who are appearing for the first time outside of the comics page.

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Batman: Bad Blood comes out tomorrow, January 19th on digital formats and February 2nd on DVD & Blu-Ray. As these kind of movies tend to only be available to rent physically or digitally when the physical release happens, you will most likely see a review from us the week of the physical release. I’ve said it before, but I really hope the movie picks up from the dip in quality we have seen in the last few animated DC movies, as they have been kind of disappointing lately.  I also wonder if Batman: Bad Blood will tie into the upcoming Justice League vs. Teen Titans movie in any way. This is supposed to be a connected, continued universe now, but they really haven’t taken good advantage of that. I hope that doesn’t also hold true for their big screen counterparts.

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