Kevin Smith Gives More Details On Dawn Of Justice League Special


Kevin Smith gives a rundown of what will be on the Dawn Of Justice League special

Tonight is the night DC fans! Time for the DC extravaganza! We get the return of IMHO, currently the best superhero show on TV, The Flash, and special looks at not just Legends of Tomorrow, but also the upcoming DC cinematic universe in the Dawn Of Justice League special on the CW network!

Director, Podcaster and giant comic book nerd Kevin Smith is hosting the Dawn Of Justice League special gave a bit of news on what you can expect on the latest episode of his Fatman on Batman podcast (which I highly recommend, it’s very fun, though fairly NSFW, so be forewarned if you are going to listen):

They show footage, new footage, from Batman V. Superman. They show footage from the Wonder Woman movie that they are shooting right now. Yeah, which includes… I can’t even tell you because they’ll yell at me. But there are shots of Wonder Woman in action doing stuff some sh-t you ain’t never seen before. Then, the whole f–king thing wraps up with the debut of the Suicide Squad trailer. The brand new one, which is AMAZING!

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We really knew most of that information, but it wasn’t confirmed that we’d see new footage of Batman v Superman. Honestly, I don’t want to see any new footage of Batman v Superman, the less the better, so hopefully that’s a small part of the special. The Dawn of Justice League Special airs tonight on the CW after the return of The Flash and a half hour special on the new superhero show Legends of Tomorrow. Should be a great night for DC fans so check your local listings and be sure to tune in!