Prime 1 Studios Announces Batman Arkham Knight Bust


Prime 1 Studios is making a limited run Batman Arkham Knight Bust

Prime 1 Studios is known for making high-quality, wallet busting merchandise of your favorite superheros. Their latest product is certainly high quality and expensive, but arguably on the lower-end of wallet busting.

Prime One’s latest offering is a bust based on Batman’s appearance in Arkham Knight, the conclusion of Rocksteady’s epic Batman game trilogy. Here’s an official statement about the Batman Arkham Knight Bust from their facebook page:

"Prime 1 Studio is proud to present Premium Bust Collection PBDC-01: Batman from Batman Arkham Knight. Head compatible with MMDC-01 Batman Statue which is sold separately.The Dark Knight must defend the city that he had sworn to protect, when all of his deadliest foes unite to destroy him on Halloween Night with Scarecrow leading the group of rogues. However, while dealing with Scarecrow’s plan with the help of his allies,Batman must battle the mysterious “Arkham Knight” who seemed to have an unknown connection with the Caped Crusader."

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The Arkham Knight Batman Bust comes with different expressions and can be unmasked so you can see the blandest Bruce Wayne ever (it doesn’t matter when the mask is on, but I think this facial design is terrible). This will be a limited run of 2,000 pieces and cost $229. Expensive, but not nearly as bad as say the $900 Arkham Knight statue that Prime 1 released for pre-order last year. No pre-order details on this Arkham Knight Batman Bust are available just yet, but that should change relatively soon and we will certainly update you when we hear about them. In the meantime, check out a gallery of the bust below and start saving a little money!

h/t ComicsAlliance