Scott Snyder: Gotham Is A Villain


Scott Snyder says the city of Gotham is a villain, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing

Gotham is a pretty rotten city when you look at it. Filled with corruption and some of the worst criminals imaginable. But is the city itself a villain? Batman scribe Scott Snyder certainly thinks so.

Scott Snyder brought this up in an interview with, where he was comparing how Batman’s newest villain, Mr. Bloom sees the city of Gotham as opposed to how Batman views it and what it truly is:

"Gotham will challenge you, it’s the ultimate version of a city that you go to wanting to become the best you can be. Bloom thinks that’s a fallacy, that it’s not worth it, he thinks the challenges it throws at you are too big, so don’t bother fighting through them. It’s a twisted view of what Batman says. Gotham is a villain – but it’s the kind that always tries to make you better."

It’s certainly an interesting thought. I mean, it’s always questioned whether Batman creates these villains or they are just responsible for their own actions. But maybe the city itself is at least partially at fault? Gotham is a trial by fire, and it either makes you stronger or twists you in a bad way.

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Be sure to read the full interview with Scott Snyder at where he talks about current events in the main Batman comic, and Bruce Wayne’s upcoming return to the cowl, which will coincide with the release of Batman v Superman in theaters in Batman #50. Batman #48 is available now.