Lego Marvel’s Avengers Available Now


Today is the day! And while my fellow residents of the East Coast of the U.S. might think I mean it’s the day you finally get your car dug out, what I actually mean is that it’s the launch day for Lego Marvel’s Avengers, and the game is available now — provided you can actually get to the store.

TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have been working on their latest addition to the Lego Marvel series for a while, crafting an experience that focuses on The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron but also goes well beyond those two films. In all, over 200 playable characters have made it into this one, meaning we’ll be seeing a lot more than just the Marvel Cinematic Universe roster for the team.

Still, as the launch trailer shows below, if it’s MCU Avengers action you want then that’s what you’ll get (hey, I think I just modified a famous Princess Leia quote there). Not only are key sequences from the Avengers flicks recreated in loving detail, but there is story content included from Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3.

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Plus, as I’m sure you can hear, those are real lines from the movies used in the game as well, meaning that all of your Lego Avengers will sound like the real deal too. PlayStation 4 gamers will get free, exclusive downloadable content, including a Captain America: Civil War character pack. However as with most Lego video games, this one is available on nearly every gaming platform imaginable: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, Ps3, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PC and Mac. I think I got them all.

So again, if you can make it to your favorite video game retailer, you might want to head out and grab Lego Marvel’s Avengers right now. It should be an excellent way to take a break from pretending you live in Hoth’s Echo Base, and it’ll certainly get you fired up for the next MCU outing, which is on its way in a little more than three months.