Arkham Asylum Recreated in Lego


You don’t have to be crazy to make an Lego Arkham Asylum replica, but it helps!

Want to make your own Arkham Asylum replica in Lego form? No problem, you just need a couple years to plan it out, several more months to build it, and oh yeah approximately  EIGHTEEN THOUSAND LEGOS.

That what is what it took this Australian Batman fan to recreate a pretty solid replica of Gotham’s infamously insecure institution for the criminally insane. Here the builder himself describing the lengthy process of recreating Arkham Asylum in brick form:

"After 1-2 years of planning and 3-4 months of building I have finally created Arkham Asylum in Lego. I feel this was the milestone for me as a builder as this is something I have wanted to build for years now and I am so happy with how it turned out, almost everything I wanted to put into the moc was built and included, some of my favourite parts of the Moc are, Killer Croc’s Cell (See Youtube Video) the Maximum Security Wing (Underground Cells), The whole interior turned out pretty good and I really like what happened the whole roof and clock part of the building. I’ve been building Batman mocs for 3 years now and I think this is my Best Batman Moc so far. It is also the biggest build I have ever made, with 18,000 pieces and standing at 52×98 studs wide and 55 bricks tall. This was built for Brickvention 2016, that took place last week in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been to Brickvention 5 times now, twice as an attendee and now three times as an exhibitor and this year I really tried to bring my A game with what I displayed. I brought Arkham as well as some other Mocs that I have not posted yet."

And yes, there is video to show you the inside of this impressive accomplishment:

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As impressive as this recreation of Arkham Asylum is, I have to imagine this dude is the living embodiment of Will Ferrel in The Lego Movie. Just has a basement full of impressive sets, but are strictly there for looks and must not be touched.