Batman v Superman: Batman & Lois Lane Have Big Scene


Lois Lane and Batman will have at least one big scene together in Batman v Superman

Lois Lane is in Batman v Superman, but does she interact with Batman in the movie? She obviously has scenes with both Superman and Lex Luthor, we’ve seen that in the trailer. Actress Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane in Batman v Superman, teases not only interaction, but that the two share a rather big scene.

In the latest issue of Empire Magazine, Adams talked about where Lois is now and her relationship with Clark Kent/Superman as of Batman v Superman:

"She may have some tunnel vision, but she’s got a job, moral standards. [When] we met her before she would do anything to get the story – now Clark has instilled some faith in humanity in her. Her relationship with Clark is the closest thing she has to anything faith-based, you know? Although moving in with Clark brings issues."

And though Adams wouldn’t get into too many specifics for obvious reasons, she did confirm that Lois has scenes with Batman, and that they required plenty of wire work & special effects and that it’s a “big moment”.

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And what about the third member of the trinity in Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman? Adams says that Lois is “too busy sleuthing, but she definitely brings another dynamic”. Well, it’s not like those two interact a whole lot in the comics either. So odds are Batman will be rescuing Lois Lane at some point, will she be able to reason with Batman about his determination to destroy Superman? We’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

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