Deadpool 2099 To Return In-Between Deadpool Arcs


If you were one of the people who enjoyed the adventures of Deadpool 2099 in the pages of Deadpool #6, prepare yourself for some good news. And if you were one of the readers who didn’t care to see Warda Wilson in action, get ready to say, “WTF? Really?”

Or words to that effect, anyway. Comic Book Resources broke the exclusive news earlier today that Deadpool 2099 will be a recurring feature in the ongoing Deadpool comic book series, popping up for single-issue stints in-between the main arcs of the series. She’s currently slated to make her next appearance in Deadpool #12, which at the book’s current pace would go on sale sometime this summer.

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Series writer Gerry Duggan told CBR that there would be “connective tissue” between the antics of Deadpool 2099 and the story he’s telling with Wade Wilson is the present. He also describes the character as a “family affair,” and if you read issue #6, you know exactly what he’s talking about.

Bleeding Cool had a fun article earlier this week about how copies of Deadpool #6 were selling for inflated prices since people want to get in on the first appearance of what could prove to be a popular character. Actually, scratch that. She’s almost guaranteed to be popular since she’s got “Deadpool” in her name.

It’s certainly not all laughs for Warda in a future that may or may not be the real Marvel 2099, but at least we know now she wasn’t a one-trick pony. She’ll be coming back whenever we need a break from Wade, and given the way he tends to grate on people after a while, that could mean she’ll be with us for the long haul.