Gotham: Barbara Kean Won’t Be The Same


When Barbara Kean Returns On Gotham, she’ll be a changed woman

Don’t think Gotham has forgotten about Barbara Kean, or vice-versa. When we last say Jim Gordon’s psychotic ex-fiance, she had gone into a coma after falling from high up on Gotham Cathedral, but her long nap is going to end very soon, and it will affect in her in a big way.

Erin Richards, who plays Barbara Kean on Gotham, promised that Barbara would be a changed woman when she does finally awake from her coma:

"I’ve had a lovely time. I was just in bed for… well, I can’t say how many episodes. Yeah, she comes back totally different. You know, you go into a coma, you’re going to come out a little different. It’s ambiguous as to whether she is actually changed, or whether she’s not changed [and pretending]. You’re going to see her come to terms a little bit with what’s happened, and try to go deeper into the truth with Jim, their relationship, their past, and their future."

If you are worried that she’s going to turn back into Gotham season one Barbara (who is just the worst), it doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

"[The Villain life] is delicious. It’s spicy. The two iterations of her that I’ve had the chance to play, and this new version I may get to mess around with again, of those, the villain version is the most fun. Because, as I’ve said, she’s free, and that freedom is fun to play with.That freedom grows when she’s out of the coma, and wakes to find Theo Galavan is dead, and his grip on the city and her is gone. However, that additional freedom might not be so good for Barbara.For her, it’s a little scary because she doesn’t have that bit of power she can feed off of. She doesn’t have that stability she can use,” the actress said. “But at the same time, she’s less constricted by somebody else’s vision for her."

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It doesn’t sound like a regression, but then one wonders if and how we’ll ever get to Batgirl, which the show’s producers have promised they plan to address assuming  Gotham has a long enough run. Gotham returns on Fox February 29th.