Gotham’s Bruno Heller Talks Mr. Freeze & Hugo Strange


Two classic Batman villains will have a big effect on Gotham when it returns

We’ve already seen takes on many classic Batman villains in Gotham so far, and we’ll get to experience two more when Gotham returns from it’s winter hiatus at the end of February. Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange will be impacting Gotham in their own trademark ways in the second half the season, and Gotham EP Bruno Heller talked about who these villains are in Gotham.

Mr. Freeze:

"We’re taking it back to the roots of the origin story. It’s about him and his wife before he became a bad guy, how he became a bad guy. It’s very much a story of the heart rather than a story about technology and super-villainy. It’s a doomed romance. It will make people cry."

Hugo Strange:

"He’s very much not a ‘mwa-ha-ha’ villain. He is a man filled with the joys of science. He doesn’t think of himself in any way as a bad person. He is the essence of scientific progress and the joy of hope for the future that science promises. He shows us how even that sensibility can be warped into something evil if wrongly used."

And while these characters (and a couple more) will be a big part of the second half of Rise Of The Villains, look for familiar favorites like Penguin & Butch to get their spotlight as well:

"Gilzean begins to feel that he deserves a crack at the throne, and Tabitha is still around to cause trouble. But Penguin’s life veers off in a totally unexpected direction that we’re very excited about. Dr. Hugo Strange has a profound effect on Penguin. He makes a new man of him in many ways."

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It at least sounds like they are keeping pretty close to the accepted versions of these characters. Though my main problem with what we have seen of Freeze so far is that he looks like a Captain Cold wannabe and not like Mr. Freeze. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an instance where he starts off just a guy with a freeze gun, then becomes a patient at Indian Hill and that’s how he gets his famous suit. We’ll find out when Gotham returns February 29th.

h/t TV Guide