The Cast Of Gotham Picks Their Favorite Batman


Who is Gotham’s favorite Batman?

This past weekend at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ, several members of the cast of Gotham were present for a panel all about the Batman prequel show. But in addition to questions about Gotham, the cast who were present was asked who their favorite on-screen Batman was.

David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne and eventual Batman on the show said hopefully it’s Ben Affleck, and that he’s really excited for Batman v Superman. Sean Pertwee, who plays faithful butler Alfred, said Christian Bale of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Erin Richards, who plays Jim Gordon’s psychotic ex-fiance picked Val Kilmer, but also noted that she loved the “hilarious pec montage of George Clooney” from the notorious disaster Batman and Robin. Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Penguin, said Michael Keation, mentioning he prefers the Tim Burton films. Drew Powell, who plays Butch, went for more of animation bent, saying his favorite was Will Arnett as Batman in The Lego Movie.

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Robin Lord Taylor was also asked his favorite portrayal of Penguin between Burgess Meredith or Danny DeVito.

"That’s like choosing my children – or not my children, my uncles. That’s a total toss-up,” he said. Which one’s the drunk uncle then? “Danny DeVito. Duh! Danny’s my man."

I wouldn’t say any of these picks are particularly surprising, especially Taylor’s pick of DeVito over Meredith, because Taylor’s even said he would love to have DeVito come on the show. Can’t play his father as that role is already taken by Paul Reubens, but getting him on Gotham in some role would be great fan service. Gotham returns February 29th on Fox.