Prequel Comic Sets Stage For Batman v Superman


Prequel Comic gets into setting the stage for the clash of the world’s finest in Batman v Superman

Ah, the prequel comic. Is there any more unnecessary tie-in? I mean, by it’s very nature, it can’t contain any crucial information that won’t already be in the movie, because you can’t assume everyone has read it. So with that in mind, a Batman v Superman prequel comic that tells us how the world is for the events of Batman v Superman exists, but just the way it is gated assures not a lot of people will read it. Luckily, we have some of the details.

So here’s the basics of this Batman v Superman prequel comic. There are apparently 5 chapters, each focusing on a different character in the film. The first two available are Batman & Lois Lane. Batman apparently has gotten darker and more vicious since the events of Man Of Steel. And I seriously doubt he was all that gentle before. No real details on the other comics except that the third will focus on Holly Hunter’s Senator Finch. I suspect the other two would focus on Lex Luthor and Superman himself.

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The ridiculous catch? The only way to access this comic is by an app you download and then scanning Dr. Pepper products. Granted, if you already drink a lot of Dr. Pepper, that’s one problem solved, I guess. But I don’t drink a ton of Dr. Pepper and I don’t really like reading comics on my phone (though I do like reading them on my tablet). Bottom line, this seems like a marketing ploy gone horribly wrong as I can’t imagine that many people will buy Dr. Pepper products, remember to scan them into the app and then read said comics for useless info. It’s ridiculously convoluted and I’ll be willing to bet you miss out on nothing by skipping it.