Scott Snyder Talks Leaving Batman


Scott Snyder is definitely leaving Batman, but is still going to team with Greg Capullo on a new project

A few days ago, it was reported that Scott Snyder was leaving the lead Batman comic in order to work on Detective Comics, which is another Batman title. Scott Snyder’s newly released statement to this report seems to confirm at least the first part of that.

"You know you missed something when you’re off twitter for a snowday w/the kid & you come back to inboxes full of PITCHES from folks who want your job, lol. So you know, I’m stealing ALL your goddam pitches :). But thank you guys sincerely for all the kind words on the time Greg Capullo and I have gotten to spend together on Batman. Means a lot. We still have some time left together – issue 50 and 51, which are truthfully 2 of my favorites, 50 is all out fun – and we’re just enjoying it. I see that a bunch of you have questions about what I’m doing next – which is touching in itself, so thank you – but my feeling is, while I genuinely couldn’t be more excited for what’s coming (been planning it a long time) the next couple months are really about celebrating my brother-in-arms, Greg Capullo & the time we have left on Batman together. My focus here will be all on that. Hope u understand. The funny thing is Greg Capullo is only gone for like 6 months before we start working on our biggest DC stuff together, so it’s barely a break! Hope to wow u even more w/ what Greg Capullo and I have next, but this run together has been the ride of my life & I’m really grateful to you guys for it. Learned to be a better writer, better person from Greg Capullo – thanks for supporting us so long. You rock."

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So there’s literally nothing in that statement that confirms Scott Snyder is moving to Detective Comics. Nothing to deny it either, but it’s possible he will pop up somewhere else. If anything, this makes the status of Greg Capullo on Batman more questionable if he’s teaming up again with Snyder in 6 months to do some new hush hush project. So to reiterate, Scott Snyder has confirmed he is definitely leaving Batman, but hasn’t confirmed what his next project is. We’ll keep reporting on this as it develops.

h/t CBM