DC All Access Breaks Down The Suicide Squad Trailer


We’re usually more than happy to break down superhero movie trailers for you, simply because we care about them as much as you do. We’re also not above getting some help in that department, especially when it comes from the very people behind said trailers. Or at least people who work for the same company, which is why we’re pleased to report that DC All Access recently spent some time explaining the first official Suicide Squad trailer.

It could be that you’re a Suicide Squad expert, having read the team’s comic book exploits from the classic John Ostrander run in the late 80s through its current New 52 incarnation. If that’s the case, you might not need DC All Access to explain who all the characters are and why they’d take on missions for the government.

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For everyone else, there’s plenty of helpful information in this seven-minute video. You’ll learn about Belle Reve Penitentiary and Task Force X, as well as getting the scoop on the first comic book appearances and most memorable stories for Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag Jr., Killer Croc and Enchantress. Even Slipknot. He was a Firestorm villain, don’t you know.

The video also includes tidbits on Deadshot’s mask (“Get going cosplayers!”), Katana’s sword, the all-villain concept for the Suicide Squad, and this guy named the Joker. He probably doesn’t need any introduction, frankly.

There’s almost sure to be another Suicide Squad trailer during the spring or early summer, and we’ll be sure to break that one down for you too. Unless, of course, DC All Access just wants to do all the work for us, in which case, thanks in advance!