Batman v Superman: Wayne Manor Is A Burnt Out Husk


Bruce Wayne is still living the life of a billionaire playboy in Batman v Superman, just not at Wayne Manor

I think we’ve heard this as a pretty strong rumor before, but never confirmed. The Wayne Manor as we knew it is no more in Batman v Superman. It is a burnt out husk. How did this happen? Likely one of Batman’s enemies hit him where he lives. Don’t feel too bad for the still ridiculously rich Bruce Wayne though.

Jeremy Irons, who plays Bruce Wayne’s loyal servant Alfred in Batman v Superman, confirmed that Bruce Wayne currently resides in a sleek lakeside residence. Is the Batcave currently located under this residence, or still under the remains of Wayne Manor? We don’t know as of yet.

Irons also teased that his Alfred will be a little more hands on, which he has mentioned previously, noting that “He’s a man who can actually do anything if he has to,”, and explaining that Alfred also feels it’s his duty to protect Wayne, Batman or no Batman (he did raise him after all). He also noted that while Batman has been around and fighting crime for a long time, Alfred’s older age gives him a clearer perspective on things.

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It certianly seems from the trailers that Alfred is at least trying to be the voice of reason in Batman v Superman. He tries to tell Batman that Superman is not an enemy, and likely tells him that it is suicidal to try and take Superman out. Will his words reach Batman? We’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

h/t Empire Online